DESASS (Design and Simulation of Activated Sludge Systems) is a WWTP simulator configured for Windows and basically designed for education and personnel training.

When designing DESSAS we gave particular emphasis to calculation speed, graphic presentation and ease of handling. The program implements an extended version of CALAGUA’s BNRM2 general biological model, which incorporates allthe physical, chemical and biological processes of a WWTP.

DESSAS can simulate, among others: primary settlers, primary sludge fermenters, activated sludge systems with aerobic, anoxic and anaerobic reactors, secondary settlers, sludge thickeners, aerobic and anaerobic digesters, aerobic and anaerobic membrane reactors, sludge dehydration systems, and the BABE and SHARON processes. Plant operators can thus simulate and analyse the effects of any changes in influent characteristics or working parameters on WWTP operations.

This program is currently used by a large number of public bodies and industrial companies for wastewater treatment and also by various Spanish universities to train students.


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